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Richard Carey
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Richard - Member / Webmaster

Well, Here I am. Just under 5 years of riding bikes and now as a proud Full Patch Member of Celtic Crew MCC.

I first started riding when I was 18 years old when I finally saved enough money to do my CBT and buy my first 50cc Moped. After almost 2 years, I felt it was time for an upgrade so I bought a Honda CBR 125 which was an absolute joy to ride. I even dragged the thing out to the Ace Cafe in London in the middle of November 2015!

Over the time I rode a 125, I learned much more and more with each trip out. Eventually, after writing off the 125 being young and silly, I did my A2 and bought my first big bike, a 2001 Suzuki SV650S. Over the last 3 years with this, I have learned much about the biking world and learned how to ride in a formation even before joining Celtic Crew MCC.

Then came along January of 2018. I finally met the club I have grown to love and respect. I started to hang around with Celtic Crew MCC for a few weeks after being introduced by my dad who was a Hangaround at the time. I then asked to join and begin the process to membership in the February. Little did I know this choice would change my biking career for the better.

After being a hangaround for a couple months, I started to prospect in the following April and started to ride with the club every week going to many events I would not have dreamed of seeing or doing. Over that time, I learned more and more about the MC/MCC world with guidance from fellow members and in my own ultimate opinion, if you aren't in it, you probably won't fully understand it.

Over the next few months along with building this new website for the club, I continued to prospect in all the normal ways which was a very good experience. After all, the more you put in, the more you get out. That is a fact!

Eventually, I finally earned my full patch which to this day is the best thing I have ever done in my riding career. I am looking forward to many many great years with CCMCC.

My future is bright, The future is Green and White.


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