We are the Celtic Crew - Darren Hunt/Shred
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Kev - Member

Here's a little bit of my history in this lifestyle

I've meet some great characters and made some really good friends over
the years.

I've been riding for 37 Years, starting out on a Suzuki AP50 at 16 and
the biking bug bit me

From there I progressed to a few 125's and onto bigger bikes. Bikes have been in my blood all the way, riding through all weathers   

Riding in a group was always a buzz, I joined South West MAG and rode with them for a while. Enjoying the friendship of like minded people. Then came family life with my two boys. 

After several years of riding alone, I missed what I had before, so started looking at rider groups etc and came across the Celtic Crew MCC page. I had not been in a club before, but liked what I saw and thought nothing to lose. So I popped along to meet the Crew and was instantly made welcome. After hanging around for a while I know I had found what I was looking for. We have a laugh, enjoy each others company and of other clubs and friends

During my time with the club I've risen through the ranks, I've seen some good times and some bad times, but do things right "You get out what you put in" Your Brothers are always there for you

L&R Kev


Ride hard, ride free & be safe