What does it take to become a member?


First you have to get to know us. Come and have a pint with us on a Monday or Friday night at The Talbot Inn and introduce yourself. We are always on the lookout for possible new members. If you see any of our members out and about, say Hi and have a chat, or you can contact us through the website or Facebook



After spending a good amount of time to get to know us, you can then request to present yourself formally at one of our monthly meetings to ask to begin the process towards full membership. If accepted, you will become a Hangaround.


This is an official status with the club and you will be invited on our ride outs and other events. You will have no duties or responsibilities, but you will learn more about the club, as we learn more about you.


It is a time when you size up the club and ask yourself if we are what you want. After at least two months, you may be offered promotion to Prospect.


This is where you start working for the club, and your actions and attitudes will reflect on the club.


A good prospect will get to know the members well, make themselves available for club events, ride outs and anything else the club does. The more you put in the more you get out.


As a prospect, you are not a full member but you are a representative of the club and will be expected to act accordingly while wearing our colours.


You may be given tasks or duties by full members, but we will also be looking at your initiative and commitment to the club. This is a time when we are sizing you up and asking ourselves if you have what it takes to be a full member.


Congratulations, you made it! You will now get all the privileges that go with being a full member of the club, but don't think that now you’re in it'll be easy going and you can sit back and relax.


You did all the work to earn your patch but now you want to keep it, so you will be expected to be an active member of the club.

So, do you have what it takes?

We are the Celtic Crew - Darren Hunt/Shred
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