We are the Celtic Crew - Darren Hunt/Shred
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Richard Carey
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Jeff - President

I got my first bike on the road at 16. Thankfully it wasn't the bike I got
myself just before my 16th.

A clapped out almost non-running Honda C50


Luckily after working on this thing for a few weeks trying to get it
running my dad bought me a new Yamaha DT 50

I loved this bike and went
everywhere on it, this is what I learned to ride and crash on (more than once)

I had a few 125's over the years but then cars and girls became the next best thing and bikes went on the back burner but they were always calling me

I finally got round to taking my test and got myself another bike

Riding anywhere and everywhere was fun as a
solo rider and even better when riding with mates

It was great fun being with other bikers and
riding but something was missing and started
thinking about the club world


I found what I was looking for with 
Celtic Crew MCC

It's not just mates that ride together, it's so 
much more. 

You have to earn the right to wear the patch
and in doing so you learn the true meaning of

Brotherhood, Respect, Integrity, Honesty, loyalty

It's not about what you ride or where you ride to
It's who you ride with