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We're a bike club based in Calne, Wiltshire, England. We have moved to our new home at The Talbot Inn! We will be there on Monday Bike Nights and most Friday nights unless of course we're not cos we might be on a ride to someone else's pub

This site was set up to let you know what we're about and if your're reading this and in another club, or looking for a club to join or just living the life, then you're our brother or sister

We're about friendship, brotherhood, riding, socialising, good music and more riding. 

We enjoy nothing more than getting together and sinking a few beers with our brothers, having a good laugh and just enjoying being in their company. 

If our brother’s got a problem then it’s a problem that affects all of us. 
We support each other and we're there for each other 24/7. 

Check here regularly to see what we're up to in the coming weeks.
After all, life’s for living and when you live it with like-minded people it’s really worth living! 

Live long, ride hard an' stay safe. 

Celtic Crew MCC

The Talbot Inn

During the warmer months, we are looking for other Clubs to visit at their pubs, especially the ones that involve several miles of fast open roads to blast the cobwebs out, and prepare yerself for another night out with yer Brothers and Sisters. In a pub, or on the road!! Of course, it's only right we have them visit us,and suffer our hospitality!!! 

Drop us an invite and we might pay you a visit.

Also,from the 1st of April to the end of September, we have a monthly ride out to, well... anywhere!!! you know the old saying, "it's not how you get there.. Keep an eye on the Events page for details.........


You can also find us on Facebook

Are you reading this because you're thinking about joining a club?

Then come along for a pint and introduce yourself. We are a friendly bunch and always on the lookout for potential new members.