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Celtic Crew MCC was officially formed and sanctioned on the 7th November 2009


Our founding member and first president had been riding with groups and clubs for some time and had always enjoyed riding as a pack, meeting and socialising with like-minded people.


Quote “Being ex military I had recognised that there was something familiar about the friendships that evolved through socialising with like minded people”


At this point you may be able to associate with that feeling

He finally spent some time with a local club and found very quickly that what he was looking for was within that club; unfortunately personal circumstances and family intervened and he had to hand in his colours which he did with a heavy heart


Quote “I had spent a long time finding what I had been looking for so decided that rather than join another club and possibly find disappointment I would put my own club together using my last club as a blueprint and foundation”

He then got together with a few other like minded bikers to form our club. When we approached our local MC for the sanction they not only helped us with what we wanted but offered a name for the club that had meaning and history with them, so we were only too happy to adopt the name for the club as well as the hammer patch we wear today on our colours. 

We have attached a meaning to each hammer and these are the qualities we expect portrayed by anyone who wears our colours.


Brotherhood, Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty

Our Original Patch


As a fully sanctioned and independent MCC


We were very proud of our original patch and the hard work Doug, Adi and the rest of the founding members put in to attain it.


Also, all the hard work put in by the subsequent members who have 

continued to uphold it.


With this patch, we have trodden a sometimes shaky and rocky road to get to where we are now

However, as of January 2012 we decided to ride under a new Patch, to mark the occasion where the Club was at: a notable point in our history. 

A tight, settled and harmonious bunch, people you look forward to being with, as soon as the constraints of what some people call normality, (and also where we earn the beer vouchers) will allow! 

A well-balanced Club, at a point where there is no doubt who we are, where we're at, and where we wanna go.... out to ride and party with our Brothers and Sisters

Loki, the Viking God of "Hokie Pokie"
Basically, a mischievous little bugger, became our figure head.

Loki, the half brother of Thor, still affirms our allegiance with the 
same Green & White colours as before, but is also (and by no 
coincidence) is the same Green & White as Wiltshire's County flag
from where we were founded

In the years since we started out, our club like other clubs have been through some changes, we have lost some members and we have gained some. 


We have ridden on smooth roads and rocky roads, but all that has bound us together to make us stronger as brothers, our club has grown and is as strong now as it has ever been


the future is bright, the future is GREEN & WHITE