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I was born and brought up in Wiltshire but moved to North Devon when I was 18. I used my first bike a Honda CB 125, which I got when I was 17, to ride from Wiltshire to Devon to visit the boyfriend. There followed a CB 400 and then a CB 550 low rider. By the time I got the lowrider to run lovely, having turned it from a four into one into a four into two, I discovered it handled like a bag of shit and decided to go for something a bit sportier. I chose Kawasaki GPZ and GPX. During this time, I also did some green laneing using a XT250, DT 125 and KMX 125.

I never wanted to join a club and then suddenly it became a possibility that just seemed like a good idea. The decision to join was one of the best I have ever made and becoming a full member has been one of my proudest achievements. The sense of belonging, brotherhood and family has changed my life and I love it.

During my time in Devon I joined MAG. I went to rallies and rode with my friends. When I returned to live in Wiltshire the GPX died and I went bike less for 5 years. Since then I have had a couple of Suzuki Bandit 600's and have been a bit of a lone biker until 2015. Through the internet I met up with and rode the NC500 route of Scotland a couple of times but realised I needed to make friends with bikers more locally. I started going to the Monday night bike nights in Calne which is where I first came across The Celtic Crew.