We are the Celtic Crew - Darren Hunt/Shred
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Bought my first bike myself at 15. Had it MOT'd, Taxed and Insured ready for my 16th Birthday. It was a Suzuki GT50. I used to ride with old school mates for a while until most of them passed their car tests. I then progressed onto a Honda CG125 for a short time.

For years after I didn’t own a bike but borrowed mates bikes now and then. I passed my part two test. But was into the car modifying thing at the time but had a couple of old bikes which I got to do up and sell for a bit of extra cash.

After spending a year going to club shows and rallies to check them out. My mind was made up. I joined Celtic Crew MCC. It was an obvious choice already knowing a few members though going to the local bike nights. And the club being based in the local area. It’s the best thing I’ve achieved in my biking career for a long time, and now have a amazing group of Brothers and Sisters to ride and party with. CCFFCC

After receiving a compensation pay out for an accident I had whilst at work I decided it was time to get back on two wheels, so I brought myself a Yamaha 535 Virago which I owned for about 9 years.

Then thinking I would like a bigger nicer bike, I brought my Kawasaki VN800 Classic which has been my ride up to the present time. After being a loan rider on and off for many years and dreaming about being a member of a club. I thought it was time the dream became reality.